There are so many bubble tents being sold online, how do I know which one to choose?


Be aware that the internet is over inundated with ads and websites selling bubble tents that are promising a High-quality product but delivering a low standard Knock-off and some aren't even safe to use 


We are the first and only American Manufacturer of Bubble Tents and Crystal Globes


We design and handcraft each Bubble Tent and Crystal Globe at our facility in Phoenix Arizona using only the best quality of materials on the market today


What all comes with my Bubble Tent/Crystal Globe Kit?


You will receive:


High-Quality Bubble Tent or Crystal Globe

Quite Air Inflation System

Custom Entryway Frame

One-year Manufactures Warranty

Custom Alunimum FraOne-yeaManufacturerses Warranty

How long does it take to set up?


Typically no more than 20-30 mins, depending on the design on of your site




How does the tent/globe keep its shape and stay erected?


A quiet air inflation system is used to maintain the  proper volume of the static pressure needed to keep its shape




Do both the tent and components meet safety standards?


Yes, our tents are safe to use with the public under normal circumstances


All safety standards should be followed by the owner(s) /rentee(s) of the Bubble Tent/Crystal Globes



What is the air quality like?


You receive freshly circulated air within each unit, the air inflation system replaces the total air volume 6-7 times per hour




How much energy does it take to keep a Bubble Tent/Crystal Globe inflated?


Our Air inflation Systems require about the same as a small household appliance




What sizes do the Bubble Tents/Crystal Globes come in?


Our Standard sizes are 10ft, 12ft and 16ft, however, we can custom make them just about any size you need, contact us to speak with a consultant for more details 




How long is the lifespan of a Bubble Tent/ Crystal Globe?


Since we only use the highest quality of commercial grade materials in the construction of  our tents,  if used, maintained and stored properly you should easily be able to get 5+ years out of your unit



How long does it take for my Bubble Tent/Crystal Globe to be made?


It takes 6-8 weeks to produce a unit since all of our products are handcrafted


Depending on the production schedule and season



Are these available anywhere?


We sell and ship worldwide



How are they shipped to my location?


All Bubble Tent/Crystal Globe Kits are sent out on a pallet and delivered by our trucking freight company


We are committed to finding you the best shipping prices possible



What is the return policy?


All orders are NON-REFUNDABLE! 


Each Bubble Tent /Crystal Globe Kit comes with a (One-year) Manufacturers Warranty, which covers manufacturing defects only, materials and labor. Damages due to improper set-up, improper use, improper maintenance, bad weather conditions,  and or improper storage is not covered under the warranty. 


Must have proof of purchase


Bubble Huts LLC or our associates claim no responsibility, or liability, for any harm or damage done to a person(s), animal or property due to the use of a Bubble Tents or Crystal Globes.  All liability and responsibility lies on the owner(s) or rentee(s).



















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