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Keeping the Holiday Magic Alive with the Snow Globe Santa Project

Kathryn Burgess and her team are keeping the holiday traditions alive with the "Snow Globe Santa Project".

Their innovative and socially responsible business solution creatively explains why children won't be able to sit on Santa's lap when visiting him this holiday season.

Kathryn has written and published a children's book telling the story of how Santa got stuck in the snow globe and will have to visit with them from a distance.

This creative and fun story combined with a "real" giant inflatable snow globe allows families the opportunity to visit Santa while keeping him, his helpers, and visitors safe.

You don't have to give up the family tradition of visiting Santa this year due to COVID 19,

shopping malls, theme parks, retail stores, restaurants, or any businesses that host Christmas parties and holiday events with Santa will still be able to.

If you want to keep the "Holiday Magic" alive this year and want to learn more about the Snow Globe Santa project visit the website at

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