Bubble Tent Rental Business Opportunity


Do you wish you had financial freedom and could live the life on your terms?

Do you own property and enjoy hosting guest?

What if I told you that a Bubble Tent offers one of the most excellent solutions for you to do just that!


The Business in a Bubble model proves to be hands down one of the most profitable businesses you can start for as little as a $3490.00 investment.

As seen on Forbes, Cnn, Travel Channel, Ceo Magazine and more!

Bubble Huts LLC, is a U.S. manufacturer of Bubble Tents has proven their "Business in a Bubble" glamping tent concept to be one of the most profitable business models that there is anywhere today! 


Bubble Tents on Airbnb are currently being rented for as much as $149.00-$200.00 per night.


Bubble tents are perfect for a start-up in the pop-up hotel and hospitality industry due to their portability, ease of setup and low maintenance.


Bubble Tents don't require building permits and are very eco-friendly leaving no impact on the land.


Bubble tents are the perfect choice for private landowners, vineyards, farm-stays, B&B's and virtually any business looking to increase revenues or who would like to add a profitable upgrade option.


Bubble tents can be used to revitalize and enhance the image, thereby increasing the value of existing tourist destinations such as eco-resorts, campgrounds, and other retreats.


Bubble Huts glamping tents provide an inexpensive and highly profitable means to attract tourism to rural communities with minimal investment

The bubble tent ROI "return on investment" is undeniably unparalleled in the glamping industry!

1 Bubble Tent Earning Potential
3 Bubble Tents Earning Potential

What are you waiting for?

Begin living life on your terms starting today!

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