Bison Peak Glamping Site's Mission To Help Others!

November 29, 2018

A “glamping” site with a mission to help others suffering from PTSD. 


They believe that nature and recreation can be a “healing source” to those in need, especially when facing the issue of “PTSD”. Their mission is to partner with organizations that offer veterans and first-responder's therapy that brings healing and relief from the effects of the PTSD.



PTSD is a disorder in which the person affected may experience fear or extreme anxiety even if there is no immediate threat present. It is developed as a result of traumatic and occasionally life-threatening experiences.


PTSD dramatically impacts the daily lives of affected individuals as well as their families. Due to their line of work, first-responders and war veterans are more often exposed to traumatic experiences, and therefore more at risk of suffering from PTSD.





Bison Peak Lodge facilities enhance partner organizations’ ability to serve those in need of healing.

Whether fly fishing, hiking or strumming a guitar around a fireplace, we create a rejuvenating and memorable experience for every guest.



They have plenty of onsite activities to keep anyone busy, both young and old. Activities include Archery, Badminton, Fly Fishing, Frisbee Golf, Hiking, Hunting, Music, Painting, Sand Box, Snow Shoeing, Stargazing, Mountain and Road Biking and other activities. 



Their guest has various accommodations to choose from, bubble tents provided by Bubble Huts LLC is just one of them. 


                                  Bubble Huts LLC-Double Bubble Lodge



They have various of accommodations to choose from.


  • Tipis

  • Tent Camping

  • Conestoga Cabins

  • Bubble Tents

  • Tree Tents

  • Lodge Rental



 Bubble Huts LLC  - Double Bubble Lodge


Bison Peak Lodge in Colorado has partnered with both  501(c)3 non-profits, 
Challenge America and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.



If you would like more information about the Bison Peak Lodge or how you can partner with them, contact them at

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