Bubble Tents & Bathrooms!

December 4, 2018

Did you know when using a high-quality bubble tent, like Bubble Huts you can customize your bubble tent to outfit a bathroom.


That's correct a bathroom with running water to it!


See what these "Glamping Site" owners have done



Depending on your "glamping" site startup budget obviously will determine the type of style you may want to create.


Others have created the bathrooms to be elaborate, while others remain simple. 



There are a few things when planning out your "glamping site" that you should consider if you are planning on providing a private bathroom for your guest. 


  • How many rooms is your bubble tent going to have?

  • How large do I want the bathroom to be?

  • Will there be running water and sewage to the site?

  • How will this water be heated?

  • Do I want a bathtub, shower, sink and toilet?

  • What kind of flooring will be used within the Bubble Hut bathroom?


Shower with a Sink & Vanity

  Sink & Vanity with a Toilet

 Shower with Sink & Vanity

 Sink & Vanity and Toilet

Also there are options to creating a bathroom without running water or sewage. 


If you are wanting a simple bathroom without running water or sewage to the bubble tent. You can use an electric dry toilet or compositing toilet as well.  And offer your guest a simple hand washing basin with a dispenser for the water.


There are plenty of places online to look around and get some creative ideas on how to create a private bathroom for your guest, just like the examples we have given you. 


You have the ability to create your very own Popup Hotel rooms including elaborate or simple, bathrooms for guest by combining a high quality bubble tent along with whatever bathroom fixtures and furnishing you have decided on.


Let the interior designer within you to come out!


For more information about the Bubble Huts LLC brand of bubble tents and how we can co-create a perfect bubble tent design that fits your needs in creating  a "glamping site" of your own, contact us at info@bubblehuts.com or 1.866.360.6370


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Bubble Tents & Bathrooms!

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